Reba v Brewer



Reba is pictures above at around 16 months of age. She is a larger female with super temperament and character. She just gave a litter with 5 males & 4 females. There are pictures of the pups at 3wks & 2days of age below her pedigree..


Yavlo vom Salztalblick SCH3, a-normal


Jalk vom Ritterland SchH3, FH2,a-normal (BSP) Quax vom Ritterland SchH3, a-normal
Shari vom Ritterland SchH3, FH,a-normal
Yeska vom Schloß-Richthof SchH3, FH, a-normal Eddy vom Schloß-Richthof SchH3, IPO3, FH2, a-normal
Iris vom Schloß-Richthof SchH3, FH,            a-normal
Carla vom Haus Baysden PSA1 OFA: Good Sirk vom Schwarzen Milan SchH3, KKL1a-normal Macho vom Kosakenwald SchH3, FH, KKL1a-normal (BSP)
Mara vom Schwarzen Milan SchH2, a-normal
Karla vom Erlenbusch SchH1, a-normal Crok vom Erlenbusch SchH3, a-normal (BSP)
Göre vom Struwwelpeter SchH3, a-normal


D.O.B: 5/9/10

@ 3wks of age..


@ 7 wks old