Johnson-Haus dogs in Television and Movie Parts



Watch Cisco in his TV appearances on:

Panic 9-1-1: "I Don't Want to Die Like This" on A&E (Cisco is the police k9 doing a building search and then apprehension of suspect)

When Ghosts Attack: "Beasts from the Beyond" on Destination America (Two NJ teenagers face a vicious spirit (Cisco) when they decide to explore the local pet cemetery)

Cell Block Psychic: "We Will Find You Johnny" on Investigation Discovery ID (Cisco & Dennis were the K9 and handler searching for the remains of a young man)

House of Horrors: "He is called Animal" on ID (Cisco a K9, apprehends the escaped convict, Dennis was the convict double that takes the hidden sleeve bites)

Evil Twins: "The Gay Twins" on Investigation Discovery (ID)

Watch Arko in his TV appearance on:

Panic 9-1-1: "They're Coming Up The Stairs" on A&E (Arko was the police k9 apprehends the bad guys and searches for the victim)

Watch Fawkes and Dennis on:

Southern Fried Homicide: "Romance is Dead" on ID (Fawkes and Dennis were the K9 and handler tracking suspects through the woods)

American Supernatural: "Devils Gate Dam" on the Weather Channel (Fawkes and Dennis were the K9 and handler searching for child)

House of Horrors: "Evil Intent" on ID (Fawkes a dog hears screams and a car horn and starts barking and alerting)