Competition Obedience

I offer detailed training for the dog owner who wishes to compete in Obedience Sports. I've competed successfully both in AKC and Schutzhund Obedience. I've helped others have success "Multiple Breeds" both in AKC Obedience, Rally and Schutzhund Competitions.

What I offer @ this level:

  • Focus, Release, Reward Imprinting (Drive training for competition Obedience)
  • Fine Tuning of adult dogs (If you have a dog and need help with the final details)
  • Dumbbell Retrieve, On the flat, over the Jump and A-frame
  • Trial, Rules, Competition Handler Preparations
  • Dennis & Zeno @ S.E Regional Championship Obedience Video
  • Dennis & Zeno @ AWDF Championships Obedience Video

Email: Dennis Johnson