Valcko von der Daelenberghutte

"The Passing of an Age"




Valcko & I @ 2001 SchH3 National Championships in Mass






We have some new video of Valcko @ 9YRS of age "He still has it"!!

Valcko Guard         Valcko Escape       Valcko Long Grip



Valcko's father: Belschik von Eicken-Bruche is a world competitor ( WUSV 1996 Turku Finland ) & ( 1996-97 BSP ) taking the helper to the ground at the BSP. The Police School for dog handlers in Westfalia Germany tested Belschik in December 1996. Because of his extreme play and prey drive and because of the very confident behavior under extreme pressure in protection work he has been used for breeding many times for producing K-9 and top sport dogs.

 Valcko's mother: Rani von der Daelenberghutte is one of Belgium's top producing bitches. Rani is the mother of Tell ( Tell is Gary Hanrahan's  competition dog )and of Xamm von der Daelenberghutte (WUSV World Championship Competitor). She has produced many, many top dogs for sport & breeding.

Valcko is a strong dog, he has excellent nerve and high intensity in the work. Valcko has crazy ball & tug drive, he is truly a top performance dog. Valcko is sound in Temperament and very social, he comes straight off the training field into the crowd and is friendly to everyone. He also has very good aggression in the protection phase and turns it on & off on command "very clear". Valcko is the most balanced dog I have ever seen. Valcko is 16x SchH3, and now even at 9yrs of age, loves to go work. He has been very consistent at the National level, always giving me his best. There is no other Belschik son in the US like him. Valcko truely is the best belschik son in the USA, even today!!

A few scores and trials Valcko & I accomplished.


Valcko's Pedigree

Belschik von Eicken-Bruche SchH3, IPO3, KKL2a-normal--(2xBSP & WUSV Competitor) Troll von der Bosen Nachbarschaft  SchH3, FH, KKL1a-normal (V-BSP) Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich SchH3 (V-BSP)
Askia vom Froschgraben SchH3, FH, IP3 (2XBSP)
Ina vom Sherwald SchH3 KKL2 HD/A Arek vom Stoffelblick SchH3, FH (V-BSP)
Vroni vom Riemsloherwald SchH3, FH, IP3 (V-BSP)
Rani von der Daelenberghutte SchH1, HD/A (Top Producer) Blacky vom Neuen Lande SchH3, FH, IPO3, KKL1a-fast normal(WUSV World Champion)     (BSP "German Nationals" Champion) Gildo vom Korbelbach Sch3, FH, IP3 (3XBSP)
Fanta vom Haus Westfalen-Stolz IPO3, SchH3, FH-(2xLGA champion & 2 x BSP)
Ondra vom Muikenshof SchH3, HD/A Link vom Muikenshof  SchH3, IPO3------------(5xWUSV Competitor) (91 World Champion)
Lady-Jenna vom Muikenshof IPO3