Zeno de Renaudloup

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Zeno is available for stud service to approved Schutzhund, KNPV, Politiehond titled, hip certified females.

Zeno is a large powerful male with Extremely hard grips. For a German Shepherd this large he is agile and has a fast hard strike. Zeno has a super pedigree and should be used for breeding. He has some of the most prominent and influential working dog producing females in the world in his pedigree: (5-5,4 Afra vom Stoppenberger Land / Steffi van Tiekerhook / Gilla vom Blitsaerd / Ilwa & Quicki von Karthago / V-BSP Endie von Karthago) to name a few. He also has very powerful producing males coming through Rambo vom Haus Welz who is inzucht auf 2-3 on Verwin vom Blisaerd. If you like the hardness & natural aggression of the Crok vom Erlenbusch & Mink vom Haus Wittfeld bloodlines and want huge head and bone, Zeno is a good choice as cover partner.

Zeno has already proven himself as a good producer of working dogs. Zeno's littermates have been reproducing dogs for service work, titling in Schutzhund and in k-9 sports in Belgium and Germany. Since I started using Zeno in my breeding program he has produced dogs titled in Schutzhund, S.A.R (F.E.M.A Team), Obedience/Agility sports and Service work (Narc, Patrol & manTrailing).. Oh and he has produced some great companion/home protection dogs as well...


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Inzucht Auf: 5-5,4 Afra vom Stoppenberger Land

Rambo vom haus Welz SchH3, IPO3 a-normal     (1996 Belgium Champion) (99-95-96=290)           (Brother WUSV Rocky)

Passed away 12/8/06 @ 13yrs

Rocky van Blitsaerd SchH1, PH-1, KNPV Cert, Met-Lof a-Fast normal Verwin van Blitsaerd SchH3,VH3(Top Producer)
Afra van Blitsaerd SchH1, VH-1
Phelis vom Kandonckhof IPO3 a-normal Orry von Haus Antverpa SchH3, IPO3, FH              (2XWUSV Champ)
Dorle vom Michborntal SchH3, IPO3
Quicke von Karthago SchH3, IPO3 a-normal Crok vom Erlenbusch SchH3, a-normal (2xBSP) Mink vom Haus Wittfeld SchH3, FH (2XBSP)
Tanja vom Südmühlenkolk SchH3
Ilwa von Karthago SchH2, a-normal Gasko von Karthago SchH3, FH
Amsel von Karthago SchH3



Zeno's Siblings

No Picture

Zacha de Renaudloup: SchH3, KKL2a-normal (in Germany)
Zago de Renaudloup: SchH3, a-fast normal
Zaïre de Renaudloup: SchH2, a-fast normal (Many Titled Progeny Already)
Zarko de Renaudloup: a-normal( Police Dog, Passed away while in his prime)



Zeno de Renaudloup Pedigree Pictures

Afra van Blitsaerd .
Phelis vom Kandonckhof IPO3 a-normal
Dorle vom Michborntal .
Tanja vom Südmühlenkolk SchH3
Ilwa von Karthago SchH2, a-normal