Retired Ladies

the Foundation of Johnson-Haus

Retired or at Rest!

SG-Tara vom Kirchberghof SchH1, KKL2a-normal hips/elbows

Retired to her other Motherly Duties "Logan"


SG-Jayde vom Johnson-Haus SchH1, KKL2 OFA: Good hips/elbows
  • SG-1 S.E. Regional Show (GA)
  • Owner Walt & Connie Adams


Evi van Huize Dimano SchH1, KKL2a-normal hips/elbows
  • Belgium Import
  • Owners: JohnsonHaus


SG-Vina vom Wanderer SchH1, KKL2 a-normal zw# (72)


Gala vom Landholz SchH1, OFA: Excellent hips/Normal elbows


Xitta vom Johnson-Haus OFA: Excellent (hips) & Normal (elbows)
  • Owners: Dennis Scott & Dennis Johnson
  • Retired to NJ


SG-Fonda vom Bergsteintal SchH1, KKL1a-normal(hips)


Jenna vom Johnson-Haus: BH, OFA: GOOD (hips)



SG-Alexa von der Spirit SchH1, AD, OFA Fair hips/Normal elbows
  • Bred, Raised and Titled.
  • Owners: JohnsonHaus & Walt Adams, Ashville NC