Sieger Show & Breed Survey Preparations

  • WDA Certified Regional Helper

  • N.A.S.S/UScA S.S Success

  • International S.S Success

  • Countless number of Breed Survey's over the years! Both in Training/Preparations and Trial Work.

Robert Kindberg's Apoll v Globalhaus Puppy-to-SchH2, KKL1, V-1, Most Accomplished Show dog Client/Friend so far. You da Man Bob!!

  • 2010 Swiss Sieger Show
  • 2010 Belgium Sieger Show
  • 2010 Holland Sieger Show
  • 2010 German Sieger Show
  • 2010 N.A.S.S V-2
How many other US show breeders/handlers have had that kind of "Bitework" success in Europe?
Robert Waldschmidt's Fanto v Globalhaus SchH1, KKL1 V-8 one of the strongest show males I've helped earn his SchH title!
  • N.A.S.S V-8 Ranked one of the TOP in the Performance Test 2010!!
Janz & his Team for the Chicago Show, U.S.c.A Sieger Show.
  • 2009 VA-3 Coco (Females)
  • 2009 VA-2 Hexe (Females)
  • 2009 VA-6 Pegasus (Males)
  • 2009 VA-11 Nick (Males)
Janz's Personal Dogs
  • 2007 NASS VA-2 Hoss
  • 2007 Canadian S.S VA-1 Hoss
  • 2007 NASS V-3 Nick


Contact: Dennis Johnson