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A new full scale training field coming online this spring. We are also making arrangements for a large indoor training facility.

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Welcome to Catoctin Canine College, my name is Dennis Johnson. Throughout my youth & teens I raised and trained German Shorthaired Pointers, we trained the dogs for hunting/field work. After I graduated from W.V.C.C. I moved toward the German Shepherd Dog as my breed of choice for K9, IPO and Protection dog sports.  Raising and training dogs most of my life has made my decision to help others learn how to handle and train their dogs easy! If I can help you in anyway please call or email. I offer training to "All Breeds" even if you don't know what breed(s) you have. ;-)

My dog training career,

I have trained well over a thousand dogs the last 22 years, in all areas: Pet Obedience(Puppy, Basic & Advanced), Problem Solving, Up-land Game Bird Dogs, Tracking, Schutzhund, K-9, Man Trailing, AKC Competition "Obedience & Tracking", Home Alert Dogs/Protection Dogs and the list goes on and on.

I started training dogs professionally in the early 90's competing dogs in Schutzhund/IPO sports in 1996, around the same time I started my German Shepherd importing & German Shepherd Dog breeding program. I have competed at the local trial, Regional and National Championship Level Competitions. I have helped clients title their dogs in Schutzhund, AKC Obedience (CD)(CDX) (RN) and AKC Tracking (T.D).

I offer dog training to every level of owner, from new puppy owners, to high level Competition Handlers. I have been training dogs professionally since I graduated from West Virginia Canine College in 1994. I can help you teach your new puppy how to behave and be a solid companion or how to develop him into a competition dog.  I now offer dog training to the entire Frederick MD, DC Metro area.

My Promise to You, I have worked hard over the last 22+ years honing my skill in being able to help others. The training of dogs and their owners to live together, and enjoy each other, is my professional goal! I promise to work with you personally, to get the job done!
Happy Training,
Dennis Johnson