Young Dogs, Started Dogs Suitable for L.E.



Fawkes vom Johnson-Haus

  • D.O.B: 12/31/2011 For Sale $6,500

  • Color: Bi-Color

  • Hips/Elbows: Good (hips)GS-89770G24M-VPI / Normal (elbows)GS-EL29749M24-VPI

  • OFA: DM-normal

  • Titles: N/A  (Dual Purpose Prospect)

  • Click "HERE" for his page & pedigree!

Click for Protection video starting the Hold&Bark




(Click his parents names for pictures & pedigree)


Excellent K9 or High Level Competition Prospect. Experienced handlers only!

  • Ball/Toy Drive High
  • Food Drive High
  • Protection High fight drive, good prey drive & full hard grips





Duncan vom Zioner Berg



  • D.O.B: 11/14/2010 For Sale $2,500
  • Father: Arko OFA. Good
  • Mother: Gala SchH1, OFA. Excellent
  • Litter's Pedigree
  • OFA Preliminary report, Good (hips) Normal(elbows).


Duncan is a strong dominant type male that will be a serious dog at maturity. He is a dog for a working/k9/home protection type home only. Way too much pup for a novice companion home. Excellent barking, bitework with full very hard grips. His ball drive is very high & extreme food drives!


Some updated pictures below at 4 1/2 months of age.



Ace vom Johnson-Haus

(Click his parents names for pictures & pedigree)

Excellent K9 or High Level Competition Prospect!





Anton vom Johnson-Haus

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Anton is a strong dog and has the right temperament and drives for k9 sports. He is good with other people and dogs and can be in a multi dog situation. Crated trained, excellent travel capacity, good in both kennel & house.


Click on the links below for a few video of Anton working.

Video #1     Video #2     Video #3



Two very driven temperament full working prospects.

Cash vom Johnson-Haus SOLD


Cienna vom Johnson-Haus SOLD

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5 month old male available





Watch his video's


Grip1            Grip2         Escape/Re-attack           Catch & Drive



We have a great young prospect that can be used for dual purpose for sure. His temperament and nerves are perfect for this type of work. Very powerful grip work and can easily go anyway you like (sleeve/suit/hidden). Obedience is powerful, food drive and ball drives are super. I wish I had a chance to video his obedience this visit but I did not. I will video next visit because is does obedience with drive and purpose.. Not for beginner handlers! He is for sale to an experience Schutzhund competitor or K-9 handler only.. No brokers or home protection buyers....




Male For Sale




Marko Grip        Marko Grip          Catch & Drive


This is a very nice young dog. Very little work done but a solid prospect for anyone to compete with. Excellent Temperament, nerves, strong character, and social attitude. Very forgiving dog, excellent for a new competitor that will make mistakes and need a solid dog to go along with it. His grips are very good and he works the sleeve and has perfect regrips.



For Sale

2yr old Black & Tan male


Strong male, extreme drives, easy turn on switch. Green dog, but shows high natural ability for everything. His bitework is above strong, we will make some new video of him this weekend. He has been here with me training for the last few months and he makes moving forward in training easy. Hard to handle, but easy to work!




Two Young Outstanding Working Males Available



Arko is Sold

Achat is Sold


Arko @ 4 1/2 mths

I have been working with these two super young Xandor sons and just can not decide which male to keep for myself. So I am going to offer both males and keep the one who is not sold first. Sounds crazy I know but I can not continue to work both of these guys. These males are for sale to working homes only. Arko is a strong dog with very good drives but he is also a people puppy. I am willing to sell Arko to the right home..

Achat: SOLD is 100% driven it does not matter what it is the leather sack, ball on the string, Food, the water hose anything that he can chase down and bite he will!! His grips are like a vise, he like it deep in his mouth and will regrip to get it deeper. He loves pulling against the helper and gives it everything he has to try and take it away. When I cradle Achat and pet on him it only charges him up and makes him want to find something to go and grab.. No calming him down right now anyway..

Arko: SOLD is just a bit more clear than his brother but has very high drives for the sack, food and will retrieve the ball and bring it straight back every time.. I think Arko is a bit more affectionate and seems to like people and being loved on.

Both males have incredible structure, huge head & bone and the darkest eyes I have ever seen. The litter they come from overall was excellent IMO, and I have raised many litters of my own.. Both of these guys are dominant little buggers and want to chase down any new dogs that come to training so those drives will need to be redirected and worked out over time.. Serious emails & phone calls only please. These guys are priced appropriately!

Happy Training!