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My Dog Beginnings: I grew up in New Jersey not far from an American Showline German Shepherd breeder. This is what for a long time I thought a GSD was. At that time a young boy, we were raising German Shorthaired Pointers, a sturdy breed of dog that we used for hunting upland game birds. The German Shorthaired Pointer is a very dynamic breed with many uses. A breed of dog I loved very much and is one of favorites even today. My last German Shorthaired Pointer died in 2000 @ 13yrs. He "Smokey" was the best Shorthair I can say I ever remember having. I raised Smokey from one of our stud dogs litters when I was 17. Smokey did everything from Upland game, Retriever, Agility, Tracking, Schutzhund (I brought Smokey to the K-9 College) and was the best companion I could have ever asked for.

My German Shepherd Dog Beginnings: As I stated above, what I knew of the German Shepherd Dog was of the American show dogs. I at that time really had no use for such a dog as they served no purpose in life but to trot around a ring one or two times??! My first introduction to the European German Shepherd was at the West Virginia Canine College in Buchannon WV. Wayne had brought back 10 or so German Imports when the class started. These were not the German Shepherd Dogs that I was familiar with!! Some of these dogs were most impressive "some work and some German show" many had a very strong presence about them. They were strong, masculine and a few were even intimidating. Once we started working these dogs I knew I was hooked, I just kept thinking what a sturdy bunch of dogs these German Bloodlines. I brought my first German Bloodline German Shepherd home after I graduated the Canine Collage in 1994.

My German Shepherd Dog Breeding Beginnings: I started out like many German Shepherd enthusiasts with the German Showlines "the big black and red stallions". I loved the way they look, they are just beautiful. My first female was Fenja vom Wake, I bought her pregnant to a strong male named Vopo vom Kalten Eck SchH3. After a few more show dogs Imported from Germany, I bought Sissi vom Gretchenbrunnen: SchH3, KKL1a "Suzi". She was imported pregnant to a strong male named V-Cento vom Monopterus: SchH3, KKL1a. Suzi was a rare find, she was really strong and loves to work even at 8 1/2 yrs of age. I was starting to see the difference between the German showlines and the workinglines. Suzi was my last show female and is now retired after producing some super litters for me bred to males like Orry vom Zolernblut: SchH3 (2xUniversal Sieger), Zank v Trienzbachtal: SchH3, Cash v Wildsteiger Land: SchH3. I am very fond of the older style German show dogs but have found that the working dogs best represent what the German Shepherd is supposed to be.

Why Represent the Working Bloodlines not the Show: I had to ask myself what the German Shepherd is and what it is supposed to be. The origins of the breed are for tending and protecting, naturally and genetically. They should be able to work all day, with endless drive for the work and the energy and stamina to perform. The showlines no longer represent the original characteristics of the breed in my opinion. They lack temperament, hardness, drives for the work and overall the characteristics that make the German Shepherd Dog the greatest dog.

The German Shepherd Dog Temperament and Character: The German Shepherd should appear poised, calm, self confident, absolutely at ease, and (except when agitated) good natured, but also attentive and willing to serve. He must have courage, fighting drive, and hardness in order to serve as companion, protection dog, service dog, and herding dog. These dogs are "Not" Golden Retrievers with a goofy friendly temperament that do not have the characteristics listed above. This is why I had to move to the working bloodlines, to best represent the German Shepherd Dog.

Breeders and The Importance of Schutzhund/Protection Sports: As a working trial, Schutzhund measures the dog's mental stability, endurance, structural efficiencies, ability to scent, willingness to work, courage and trainability. A Schutzhund title is an accomplishment for the dog and the handler. With this test proving the abilities listed above, it should be used as a prerequisite to breeding as in Germany. Why have to take the word of the breeder, whos interest is to sell you a puppy? Look what happened to the American Show Shepherds, no Schutzhund titles/training! Where does it start? Its in the best interest of the German Shepherd Dog to maintain the standard of breeding working titled / Schutzhund dogs.

My Breeding Goals: I breed my German Shepherds for me. I breed the dogs so I have access to highly trainable dogs of the highest quality. I breed strong dogs in mind and body. The Temperament comes first, without the German Shepherd Dog Temperament there is no German Shepherd Dog! The breeding dogs I import are of the highest quality, they are training in Schutzhund and or are titled, Hip/Elbow Certified and are healthy athletic German Shepherds! I purchase and raise dogs that best represent their bloodlines. I work hard to find the best females for reproduction as I find most breeders overlook the importance of the female and her motherline. My females are super for reproduction, mothering and most important, working (they are all titled and or training towards their titles). I produce dogs that work on the street as Dual Purpose K-9, S.A.R., compete in highly competitive dog sports like Schutzhund, Agility, Obedience and still be a great member of the house, like my Valcko (A SchH3 National Competitor) laying here at my feet as I type.

I believe the German shepherd Dog is the most versatile breed ever created. I want to do what's best for it, they deserve to have people represent them for what they were meant to be.